Monday, December 5, 2011

Family and Parenting

Petr Kriz on easyJet
Flight EG51HGF Prague to London. My Partner was travelling to London with our 12 week old daughter when the plane had technical problems. After sitting on the plane for 2 hours the plane went to take off for the second time and then stopped again. All told he had 10 hours of delay he had to take the flight as our daughter had a specialist appointment the next day. We live 30 min from the airport but the flight was only put back an hour at a time. The pram was in the hold and he was refused when he asked for it. So he had to sit for 10 hours with an unwell child without anywhere to lay her down. Had we been told he could have come home and gone back. After many emails they have still refused compensation. Easyjet seem to have no heart what so ever and pretend to care when in reality the really don't.

easyjet replies: “This is an unfortunate situation that resulted in an extensive delay and an aircraft repositioning from Luton to operate the flight. easyJet do recognise the inconvenience and additional strain that was caused especially as this passenger was travelling with a young unwell baby. easyJet’s Head of Experience will be contacting the customer directly to discuss this unfortunate incident. easyJet is fully committed to working with our airport partners in ensuring that we help our families; especially when faced with delays and disruption”

23 November 2011